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Wpf usercontrol dependency property not updating

For example, you can have a button on your UI that is bound to a command in the view model.

The command sets the public property on the view model that’s bound to the new dependency property.

The name of the Dependendy Property must always end with ... If you are using Visual Studio, you can type The change notification callback is a static method, that is called everytime when the value of the Time Property changes.

This triggers the callback event, and fires the UI code-behind that has access to the UI controls. It only makes sense if you are actually getting and setting useful information in the My View Model Property.

If not, then you’ve overcomplicated the button logic, and you should just stick with button click event.

By creating my own dependency property on my user control, I’ve now made the filter definition controlled by the view model.

Introduction Value resolution strategy The magic behind it How to create a Depdency Property Readonly Dependency Properties Attached Dependency Properties Listen to dependency property changes How to clear a local value When you begin to develop appliations with WPF, you will soon stumble across Dependency Properties. NET properties, but the concept behind is much more complex and powerful.

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