Winter dating tips

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Winter dating tips

Sure, that number may have actually declined in recent years, but it still means tons of fish in the sea ripe for the picking.

According to’s 2017 Singles in America survey, Chicago’s singles place more value on consistent communication, liberal politics (or more specifically, those who voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election), and self-motivation than anything else.

Everyone has their own list of what is appropriate on a first date.

One thing surveys have found over and over is that women, far more than men, consider checking your phone constantly on a first date to be a big turn-off.

Only 10% of women, compared to 25% of men, see this as acceptable behavior.

Sometimes, relationships are even shoved into more serious territory When it comes to Midwestern love, a respectful friendship is a terrific starting place.

Roughly one-third of singles in’s survey reported that hanging out casually with a pal eventually blossomed into a more devoted, romantic relationship.

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First, the idea that men must provide for women is slowly being fazed out, especially among Millennials.

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