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Your council may suggest mediation to help reach an agreement or compromise.

A professional mediator will set up a meeting with you and your neighbour to discuss the issues and try to find the best outcome for both parties.

There is excellent advice about what to do about anti-social behaviour and who to involve on the Citizens Advice website.

Most neighbours are easy going law-abiding citizens, but occasionally you may encounter those that prevent you from enjoying a peaceful life in your own home.

While we accept that everyone has a right to their chosen lifestyle sometimes the behaviour of others disturbs or distresses us.

If you feel threatened or a crime has taken place always call the police on 999 or 101.

Speak calmly and let them know how their behaviour is affecting you, but be reasonable and ask if they could turn the volume down at a certain time or pre-warn you of their next gathering, rather than tell them not to have any more parties.

You can search for a civil mediator in your area on the Ministry of Justice website.

The council should investigate complaints of environmental nuisance, such as loud music or littering.

Contact police to report anti social behaviour or if your neighbour is breaking the law.

If all else has failed and you are thinking of taking your neighbour to court you should seek legal advice.

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In some cases, your council or housing association may offer free mediation if you make a complaint about a problem you’re having with a neighbour.

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