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Vray updating instances

Introduction Based on the statistics on our site the visualization we make is more often designed for big residential complexes and villa communities.Sometimes these projects consist of dozens of multistory blocks, and the 3D-scenes include great number of greenery, automobiles, people and other objects of fillings.Control polycount The number of polygons the main scene rarely exceeds 16 millions.

We recommend checking big scenes with this plugin from time to time. For example, if one material is a part of “Multi Sub”, than copy it there, using “Instance” copying.With “Xref” you can build a scene from several parts.Each co-worker can work on his part independent of the rest of the team.The most frequent question we’re asked: "How do you render such tremendous scenes? However, we work taking into account two important principles: After reading this article, it can seem to you that these rules just slow down the work. These principles rapidly fall into habit, and the only thing you need is to constantly follow them.As a result you will be able to work with scene of any volume in the shortest terms.

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Use Vray Proxy We use "Vray Proxy" for all objects with a lot polygons.

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