Validating integer datatype with regularexpressionvalidator amy laurent and kevin still dating

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Instead, it will trim the surrounding white spaces around the input value.

Note that if the input value is an array, it will be ignored by this validator.

It has one required parameter: Max Digits An Int32 value that specifies the maximum number of digits allowed on the decimal.

GUIDGuid Not Null Validation This rule ensures that the input value has been entered and is therefore not null.

Info: How to determine if a value is empty or not is a separate topic covered in the Empty Values section.

If you need to compare two dates entered in the form, e.g.

You can apply one or more validation rules to a data type field to control the user’s input.

For example, you want to ensure that the user: C1 CMS comes with a predefined set of validation rules that you can apply to data type fields, too. Each type of field has its own set of validation rules.

String Length Validation This rule validates that the length of a string lies within a range specified in its two required parameters:min An Int32 value that specifies the minimum number of characters allowed in this An Int32 value that specifies the maximum number of characters allowed in this field.

Example of Using Validation Rules Let’s assume that you have a simple registration form with two fields: Name and Email Address.

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Most data types has one common validation rule – the one that ensures that the value is not null.