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Validating dropdownlist

Activate End Select End Sub Close and Return to Microsoft Excel to close the Microsoft Visual Basic for Application window. Now, just click the cell with drop down list, you can see the drop-down list is displayed as a combo box, then type the first letter into the box, the corresponding word will be completed automatically.

You can limit the choices in a drop down list, so that it only shows items related to the selection in another cell.

NOTE: These formulas are shown in download file #2, in the Download section, below.

In the Region/Customer table, a third column is added, with this formula, to check the sort order: =IF(A3="",0,--(A3 If the items are in order, the result in each row will be zero.

Return Integer, By Val Shift As Integer) Select Case Key Code Case 9 Application.

This technique depends on the source list being sorted by the Region column.If an item is out of order, the formula returns a 1, in the row above that item.In this screen shot, East is out of order in row 5, so a 1 is the formula result in cell C4.But, if you have Kutools for Excel, its powerful utility – Combine can help you quickly combine multiple worksheets, workbooks into one worksheet or workbook. Active Sheet On Error Resume Next Set x Combox = x Ws. Firstly you need to insert a combo box into the worksheet and change its properties, and then running the VBA code to enable the autocomplete. Get into the worksheet which contains the drop down list you want it to be autocompleted. Before inserting the Combo box, you need to enable the Developer tab in the ribbon. In Excel 20, click File Combo Box under Active X Controls. Draw the combo box in current opened worksheet and right click it.

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It populates ok, but if I enter a word not in the list, it still accepts it.