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It seems so elementary that at least You Tube should have a dedicated app in the device allowing access to the entire library of content. If Digeo wanted the Moxi to be a game changer, there would be a dedicated app for Hulu.

That function alone would have won me over dispite all my issues with the DVR.

The search system really surprised me when I opened the app for the first time. Trust me, I do not subscribe to some of those stations shown on the screen.

It seems the the search app shows the content provider’s entire lineup alphabetically starting with numbers.

He said that sometime soon there will be a firmware update sent out which should enable this feature.

Until then though, users will only be able to playback MPEG-2, H.264-encoded MPEG-4, and WMV files on the Moxi HD DVR. It doesn’t sit well that a high-end device in 2009 doesn’t support AVI playback when my original XBOX and first generation DLNA devices stream the files fine.

The service does allow access to the top viewed, favorites, and new videos directly from the Moxi interface, but everything else has to be added to your personal queue from a computer.

It’s lame and not the way Internet video should be accessed in a modern-day connected device.

It’s almost like the Moxi designers settled for “good enough” rather than “really good” in this regard.

The guide is something that I don’t think I could ever get used to though.

This is one thing that I cannot stand about the Moxi.

A software update for the Moxi rolled out a few weeks ago and touted that the DVR now supports You Tube and a bunch of Internet video sites. The Moxi DVR also now supports Hulu, CBS, Netflix, CNN, and ESPN, but through the Windows-only DLNA streaming program Play On. These Internet video sites are only available through the DLNA network and require you to set everything up on the computer, which must be running for this service to work on the Moxi.

There isn’t a built-in app that allows you to, say, search You Tube for a video directly from the DVR.

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Anyway, the current method for internet video isn’t good enough for an $800 DVR. Folks, there is one shining light to the Moxi HD DVR though and that is the Super Ticker. Press a button on the remote and the little ticker at bottom of the display will pop up and give you a shit-ton of info.

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