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Updating motherboard on dell xps gen 4

Dell had considered buying Alienware from 2002, but did not take any action until March 22, 2006, when it agreed to purchase the company.Alienware maintained its autonomy in terms of design and marketing.At this meeting, it was decided to launch a new high-end product line to compete with Gateway.Vernon Weiss was assigned as product manager to spearhead and manage the marketing of the new product.This version of the XPS's motherboard uses the Intel Chipset H77 with socket LGA 1155 and has USB 3.0 ports built into the front.The "Special Edition" version of this desktop, (starting price 9 as of Jan '13), comes standard with such advanced features as an Intel Core i7, Blu-ray drive and a 32 GB Intel SRT SSD mounted on the motherboard to enhance the operational speed of the traditional hard disk.However, Alienware's access to Dell's supply chain management, purchasing power, and economies of scale lowered its operating costs.

The XPS mainly competes against computers such as Acer's Aspire, HP's Pavilion and Envy, Lenovo's Idea Pad and Toshiba's Satellite.

The first generation of the XPS system was available as either a desktop or a tower case.

This new product line was so far ahead of the competition that it was featured on the cover of the October 1993 issue of PC/Computing.

In 2005, Dell separated its home desktop systems into two lines: Dell Dimension and XPS.

Consumer notebooks were also separated into two lines: Inspiron and XPS.

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It features a Dell 0KWVT8 motherboard with a LGA-1150 socket.

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