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Posted by / 16-Apr-2020 15:32

Devices that are in remote locations, such as Io T sensors, or devices that don't have frequent human contact, such as an autonomous vehicle, are good contenders for automatic OTA updates.

Apple introduced OTA updates to i OS devices with the release of i OS 5.0.1.Mobile carriers can also send an SMS message to all users who have a particular device, prompting them to dial a number to receive a software update when it is most convenient.For example, Verizon Wireless subscribers can dial *228 to either configure their mobile devices or update the preferred roaming list.Gateway-to-cloud OTA updates use an internet-connected gateway that receives updates from a remote server to update the software app itself, the software app's host environment or the gateway's firmware.OTA updates are a more efficient way for OEMs to fix bugs and update software than to manually upgrade each individual device.

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It’s therefore essential that we have your most up-to-date phone numbers.

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