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The Garden Room, opened in 2008, has already had a thorough renovation, undertaken in 2013.

Any compendium of London cigar havens would have to begin there.

Below that, a growing number of places have simply made their outdoor spaces into legal cigar gardens that, despite fewer accommodations and poorer protection from the weather, provide access to some good cigars.

Despite competition among the titans of London's cigar trade, who vie for those rare, elusive boxes of vintage wonders that draw customers worldwide, they share a sense that they have, together, outwitted the executioner. It includes both hotels with cigar gardens and cigar shops that allow sampling, as well as freestanding cigar shops with sampling lounges and a few restaurants.

Switching from cigarette smoking to cigar smoking can be particularly harmful because you might inhale cigar smoke the way you inhaled cigarette smoke.

The more cigars you smoke and the deeper you inhale, the greater the risks.

For international shoppers, an hour or two with a good cigar capped a day of trawling London's better shops for the shirts, custom-made shoes, cuff links and other manly accouterments found nowhere else.With its wood-paneled "ceiling" surrounded by hedges, Tramontana calls it "covered but uncovered. So that's why it all started in London, and why in London you have the opportunity to sell a certain type of cigar and you can really find something very, very special." Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop And Sampling Lounge At The Bulgari Hotel Bulgari Hotel & Residences • 171 Knightsbridge London, SW7 1DW • 44 With plush, comfortable cigar terraces flourishing and specialist cigar shops taking advantage of the hard-fought exemptions they had won, it seemed the final frontier was to create indoor spaces in public places that would be so finely engineered they would meet the air purification and other requirements set by officialdom and thus allow cigar smokers to regain their rightful place at some of London's finest hotels and restaurants.That's what happened when the stylish Bulgari Hotel opened in Knightsbridge in 2012.Then one simple pleasure was eliminated, without rhyme or reason. Cigar stores have carved out a dispensation and some of the capital's best hotels now provide specially equipped outdoor terraces.Designed to be enjoyed in all four seasons, they are catered to by a cigar sommelier schooled in the finer points of cigar aging and the best possible pairings with quality wines and spirits.

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It is sometimes wonderful when things don't go as planned.

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