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Types of dating in archeology

Landscape archaeology is a broad division in archaeology that deals with the study of the various changes that take place in different landscapes, both naturally as well as due to human intervention.

Environmental archaeology encompasses field studies along with laboratory experiments. Malti Nagar carried out an ethnoarchaeological study at a chalcolithic site of Ahar in Rajasthan, India.Ethnoarchaeology is the science that deals with the ethnographic investigation of living communities in order to acquire knowledge of the past.It involves the application of anthropological methods to a large extent.The study of how landscapes and natural habitats are interlinked with human behavior and cultural changes is actually very extensive.There are a variety of changes that landscapes may undergo over a period of time.

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These include natural changes with respect to topography, climate, soil, natural calamities such as floods, landslides, tsunamis, rivers changing their courses, and so on, and human induced changes such as agriculture, industrial and construction activities, clearing of forest areas, etc.

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