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This means you would have to cut down on you spending in other areas, and you might actually pay off your debt faster than you think. The reason is that, mortgages are usually low interest loans. By transferring a high balance to a new card, it can save you enough time to pay it back.Even if you consolidate your debt, it will still require discipline to pay it off. Even with the rising interest rates, it is still lower than most loans you can find out there. This is advanced financial strategy and you have to be disciplined to utilize this method. The debate of whether to be a tart or not to be a tart is for another day. Then, we want you to know that you can negotiate the current interest rate. I was actually able to reduce my interest rate on our credit card to about 10% by just calling them up and explaining how we have been an awesome customer and so on. I never paid the interest, but just in case, I’ll rather have a lower rate. Although unsecured loans tend to have not so favorable interest rate, they are still better than credit card rates.So instead of re organizing your debt, a direct way to pay them off is to simply sell some of the possessions you really don’t need.You might have to part with some of your favorite possessions to gain your financial freedom.You need to ask yourself this question: why am I consolidating my loan?This is an important piece of the puzzle; if you are not ready to pay off your debt faster, don’t bother with consolidation.Similar to having a criminal history, no matter where you go, it seems to follow you around.Avoid bankruptcy by living below your means, and follow some of the ideas above to get out of debt.

Let’s say you owe 50,000 dollars, you might be able to negotiate paying 20,000 dollars cash for example.

I have heard of those harassing calls which threatens, scares or outright makes death threats all in the name of collecting debt.

A settlement eliminates the companies need to pay debt collectors to retrieve their money. It does not only leave a long lasting effect on our credit history, it also causes emotional distress.

Debt consolidation can help you pay off your loan sooner and you could pay less in the total amount of payment.

Before consolidation, there are 10 tips to keep in mind and explore to make this a less painful experience and to optimize the process.

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Debt consolidation is the act of rolling high-interest debts, such as credit card bills or loans, into a single, lower-interest payment.

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