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Once the stallion of your emotions, feelings, and hormones leaves the corral, it’s very difficult to reign back in. In many dating relationships, neither person is thinking about a realistic “big picture” time frame Many relationships are caught up in the present moment with very little thought to the consequences of arousing or awakening love at the current time. But taking time, emotions, money, and especially physical arousal from another person with no consideration of marriage, is selfish and sinful. Researches show that during the romance stage, the body produces endorphins, which make a person feel happy and unusually excited all the time.During this stage, the man and the woman cannot even imagine being separated from one another.People in a relationship realize that after all they are human.Their partners are not as unique, special, or different as they thought they were.If the communication between the two is not strong, the relationship may never move forward to the next stage and it might end in a breakup.If you look at a typical relationship timeline, you will see that this is one of the most difficult amongst all stages of a healthy relationship.

Both of them are at their best behavior at this stage and ignore whatever flaws they might see in each other.

If marriage is nowhere on your radar, then NEWSFLASH, you have no business dating the other person.

They consider how their current actions fit in the context of a bigger narrative.

It is definitely not the end of the romance, it should be the start of an exciting new journey together!

Three times the woman in the book of Song of Solomon warns her friends not to “stir up or awaken love until it pleases”. They consider the effect that a significant amount of time has on two people with heightened attraction for each other and how heightened emotions and infatuation only cloud one’s choice of whether or not to love. Be strong and follow Jesus when a man is following himself. If you’re dating, what timeline is your current pace setting?

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They have some shortcomings and flaws just like any other person.

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