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The fluid believed to contain the most Jing is semen.

Therefore, Taoists believe in decreasing the frequency of--or totally avoiding--ejaculation in order to conserve life essence.

The general idea is to limit the loss of fluids as much as possible to the level of your desired practice.

As these sexual practices were passed down over the centuries, some practitioners have given less importance to the limiting of ejaculation.

Jing can be lost in many ways, but most notably through the loss of body fluids.

Taoists may use practices to stimulate/increase and conserve their bodily fluids to great extents.

By having as much sex as possible, men had the opportunity to transform more and more jing, and as a result would see many health benefits.

The concept of Yin and yang is important in Taoism and consequently also holds special importance in sex.

(Actually, I’m guessing you didn’t manage without it, which is why you’re reading this right now.)Once you’ve found out how you can be that man, you’re going to become him. Whether you want to go through your “screwing around” phase with lots of hot chicks, or you want a deeper relationship with a woman, or you just want to feel more confident, or you want to enjoy sex with a woman who turns you on and who’s excited by you, the Tao of Badass is for you.

And they were surrounded by young, single, beautiful, intelligent women who went to class with them every day, ate meals with them every day, lived literally right next door to them.

; literally: 'arts of the bedchamber') are the ways Taoists may practice sexual activity.

Therefore, while heaven and earth are eternal, man and woman suffer a premature death.

Every interaction between Yin and Yang had significance.

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