The asp net counters are not updating Xxxcam chat com

Posted by / 07-Apr-2020 09:32

To my shock and surprise, the old hyperlink path was still present on the page.

It seems like the page is not even reading the C# code-behind file, but I know it has to be getting the code from somewhere and that code-behind file is the only location in my solution where the hyperlink path is even mentioned.

This was because the path changed ever so slightly from ~/Perfmon Templates/ to ~/Perfmon/Perfmon Templates. My question is what would be the best way to add performance counters.When the code is running in the service, I would want it to use the performance counters.I then started debugging but found that the site was not processing my breakpoints at all regardless of whether I chose to start debugging from the Debug menu or if I clicked the Play button to start it. After that didn't work, I tried commenting out all of the lines of C# code that control the creation of the hyperlinks and restarted Debugging.

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The service itself is pretty bare and really only creates the appropriate objects in the class library and tells it to start.