Stanley bailey plane dating

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Stanley bailey plane dating

TLDR: I guess what I'm getting at is, what is so "dreaded" about the type 20?

Seems like just an exaggeration, but what is it that people really don't like about it? I'm pretty happy with my new plane, I'm just wondering if I'm missing something with my sounds like it's "dreaded" because there were cost cutting measures in place when they made that version.

It looks literally brand new and I'm almost positive it still had the factory edge on the iron and it was never used. I followed Paul Sellers video on sharpening the iron, it's mirror smooth and I'm easily getting .001" shavings.

It's my first handplane and I'm really excited about it.

They are still good planes, but they are also the forefathers of the Stanley shit in Home Depot today. These are generally around the same price as the more desired planes toward the top of the curve - and there are still a ton of those planes out there. Others like the history of the single digit planes. A lot of the people who do type studies have strong opinions on which type and number is the "best," both for bench and specialty planes.I'm not super experienced with hand planes but to me it feels like it planes like a dream like a hot knife through butter. I just recently came across's Stanley plane dating flowchart and it is clearly a Type 20.After a little research, I've mainly seen it referred to the "Dreaded type 20".This later #1 Stanley has the notched rectangle logo on the cutter and dates from after 1936.There is no rust or pitting on the body and the original japanning is about 98% or so.

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As mentioned in another comment, down the line, once you get bit by the bug you might feel like getting a different "better" one, but it will take you a while before you would notice the difference.

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