St vincent annie clark dating

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St vincent annie clark dating

When I reach Annie Clark, the 33-year-old musician who plays under the name St.

Vincent, she's in a hotel room in Toronto, nestled in bed even though it's 4 P. "I'm…visiting Cara for her birthday," she explains in the halting manner of someone who isn't quite sure what she wants to reveal.

In a world where cool supermodels have eyebrows for days and equally beautiful musicians have wild hair and elfin cheekbones, we bring you this rumor: Cara Delevingne might be dating Annie Clark (St. Maybe they are just friends who like to kiss when they get drunk.

They were allegedly seen kissing at the BRIT Awards Afterparty, and were then seen leaving together (according to the . Maybe they were just rubbing their faces on each other like kittens.

Leading up to its release, Clark dyed her curly brown hair a dusty gray, giving her pale, fairy-like features a slightly alien edge that complemented her music's otherworldly quality.

Everyone else is fun, young, and flirty, and I look like Yoko Ono, which I'm not mad about." She occasionally borrows from Delevingne's street-punk wardrobe, but only out of necessity. So if I'm going to get a coffee in the morning, I'll throw on drop-crotch sweatpants. It will also provide a respite from the spotlight, "although I don't consider myself very famous," she adds, bemused. Cara Delevingne recently opened up about her girlfriend, indie pop and rock musician St."We went to a male strip club last night and got lots of lap dances," she offers. It's sexy." "Cara," of course, is Cara Delevingne, the mega-model turned actress with whom Clark has been romantically linked for months now."And now I'm in …" Her voice trails as she searches for the right words. Since early spring, the pair have attended red-carpet events together, been paparazzi'd during bleary morning coffee runs, and appeared all over each other's social media.

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Sometimes I feel very much in my head and slightly removed from the physical world," she continues.

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