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You’ll know who he is as a person on a deeper level.Armed with this knowledge, you can fulfill his sexual cravings (and he should do the same for you), causing you two to grow closer to one another. Lovemaking is one of the many ways you can connect with your boyfriend.

Dirty talking allows you to tell your man what exactly you want him to do to you and what you want to do to him.With Skype, you can initiate sexting with your man while you’re on your coffee break or during your lunch at work.Not only that; you can even see him and what he’s doing while you’re chatting through Skype video chat.Since most of us women take a longer time to get aroused than our male counterparts, foreplay becomes a crucial part of lovemaking.Having said this, it’s important that you learn to talk dirty to your man before you take your clothes off and touch each other’s bodies.

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