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he only other people in the theater that day were two boys our age. When we went for a ride on his brother-in-law’s boat, he picked me up and carried me over his shoulder because I was afraid to climb onto the boat. I loved it — So when my birthday was right around the corner, and he said he had the perfect birthday present in mind, my heart skipped a beat.

(and the fact that I have to engage some friends to hide his body... If they did, they couldn't get close enough to accomplish their goal; to control. Having said all this, remember that your sister made her choices, and perhaps she was too naive or too innocent to suspect that this man was up to no good.

but that is a topic for another thread) and the fact that I should have followed my gut feeling the first day she seemed off or upset... I dare not make light of the hurtful conduct he is guilty of or of the damage she suffered, but look on the bright side. It may take longer than either she or you might like, but she'll go back to her real happy and confident self, and she will not stop being "gorgeous, intelligent, passionate about art and fashion," and "quite a catch." In due course, with some luck, your sister will run into a man who will treat her the way she deserves and who will not be a con man. This jerk, however, will continue to be a lowlife scum who will probably never have a fraction of the inner beauty, smarts, or goodness that your sister has (I know I don't know her, but I'll take your word for i). It happens all the time and people don't talk about it because it's humiliating and they don't want to hear "I told you so." They begin to believe what the other person is saying and their self esteem plummets, further reducing their ability to talk about it.

I tore off the wrapping paper, pulled off bows, unraveled ribbons, and opened the box. It was all over the moment I pulled that ugly denim jacket out of the box.

It’s not just about the jacket, or the diamond engagement ring that never materialized, or any of the other stuff.

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They sat directly behind us and talked during the entire film. By the time the movie ended, I had exchanged phone numbers with one of them. He was my first love — — he was the perfect gentleman. After dropping out of high school, he went to work 40 hours per week as a forklift operator. In fact, he regularly carried me like that, with my legs dangling over his chest and my head hanging on the other side. We were walking down the street holding hands when he told me.

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  1. We know in domestic violence relationships there are a lot of threats made — 'I'm gonna take the kids, I'm gonna hurt you.' Women know that isn't an empty threat." Instead of asking why women don't leave, we should make it easier for them to do so.