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This will go a long way to ensure your donors feel appreciated and want to help you with your next event.

In general, you will be off to a great start if you are able to identify silent auction items that are experiential in nature—this will help create positive memories and lasting relationships with your donors.

This increase in outreach will ultimately lead to more items of higher quality.

While posting to your organization’s social media pages is a given, posting to your personal pages can increase your reach, and will also create some early buzz and awareness around the cause you will be fundraising for.

If this is not your first year running the event, include some information on your audience from prior years.

Finally, always send handwritten thank-you letters to the people and businesses that donated items to your event.

One of our favorite ways to deliver this information is through a concise one-pager, outlining key details about your intended fundraiser audience.

Be sure to include things such as age and the geographic location of your attendees.

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After identifying your potential targets, create an outreach list.