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Sexy mobile text chat

Unlike their ‘chatty’ product, the owners talk little and work hard.They shun publicity, but their name is on the tip of everyone’s tongue.In 2014 the company was purchased by Facebook for an iconic sum – billion! ‘Messaging is the new social media’, said Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures back in 2014.‘Families use Whats App groups instead of Facebook…Facebook’s acquisition of Whats App was the transaction that defined this trend.’ Being the first of its kind is not easy.Like Steve Blank says, pioneers often have arrows in their backs.Let me help you up: Use the plan to jump to a question of your interest.When it comes to IM mobile apps, Whats App is a lingua franca. You may call them disruptors, trendsetters, game-changers, or whatever.

The insane popularity of the then paid app promptly created the network effect.

They managed to set up a system to sustain the fast-growing messaging traffic that exceeded the world’s SMS traffic by 50%.

With only 50 people to-date (of which 25 are engineers and 20 customer support), it’s been running smoothly and providing an excellent service. They felt, putting adverts into something as personal as your phone and within the communication medium was totally wrong.

It may have less functionality than other chat apps, but whatever the company undertakes to implement, is seen through until top-notch.

The company’s highest ratio of engineers to users is clearly indicative of the team’s incredible efficiency and talent.

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It focused on quality messaging and has never taken the eye off the ball. There are no in-app purchases or adverts – doesn’t that sound great! Striking lucky with this model on today’s messenger-congested market may be highly challenging.