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We already have 14 of our NSOs, national sport organizations, that have it as part of their training and certification pathway for their coaches.

Since 2016, Rugby Canada has implemented a player welfare program which targets all the pillars involved in sport, from players to coaches to parents to administrators to match officials, and tries to create an understanding that we all have a responsibility around player welfare in our sport.

Coaches are a part of our entire sports system of technical leaders and administrators who work to develop and protect our athletes and participants in sport.

Two specific examples that significantly enhance a harmonized approach include Ontario, with the development and implementation of Rowan's law, and in Quebec with an enhanced return-to-play protocol.

I want to thank the Subcommittee on Sports-Related Concussions in Canada of the Standing Committee of Health for the invitation for us to be here to present.

It's an honour to have the Coaching Association of Canada here.

Education is the number one tool for enabling behaviour change in our coaches.

The first is that the entire Canadian sports system—national sport organizations, provincial and territorial sport organizations, including school sport, from community to high performance—need to legislate concussion management training through the NCCP Making Head Way or other partner resources to better enable our coaches.

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We work in partnership with 66 national sports organizations, like Rugby Canada, and 13 provincial-territorial representatives as the primary partnership organizations responsible and accountable for national and provincial-territorial coaching and sport leader development and delivery of our education.

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