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Sayreville deko speed dating

The install of the sidecar took me 5-6 hours, grinding the bracket was a good hour, readjusting the toe-in took a few more hours.

Check your shocks before you install the sidecar, if you need to replace them do it before mounting the sidecar.

After replacing the shocks you may need to readjust the toe-in and lean if the sidecar has already been mounted.

I would also suggest doing any repairs/upgrades/maintenance on the scooter before mounting the sidecar.

Yesterday I saw the link about Jaime's post on twitter. We had a lot of fun together and shared a ton of laughs along the way.

I really miss working with her but I consider her a good friend so that will be forever.

On to the tour information, I am hitting the road with my trunk show for Itty-Bitty Toys!

I have loads of stops all the way through March, 2010 but today I am just sharing the events through December, 2009.

技術開發: 高效率Tick to Chart演算技術架構, 可提供各種商品分線資料需求,更能有效率的提供Web即時輸出服務(中國期貨行情) 應用升級: Face Book請感謝我, 終於把元件套用 GZIP-in-Memory 解壓縮模組,可幫它大大節省頻寬了!Bracket before adjustment, both scooter and sidecar tube are roughly the same height. I used an angle grider with a cut-off wheel to remove the part of the bracket that was hitting the brake lever. It doesn't look as nice as Buellers but it will work.This is the amount of lean I had initially, It was too much lean-out. Be careful with this, I ground a bit from the brake lever and hit the scooter body Bracket is "modified", now I need to get a different bolt. I will drag my entire trunk show from the book with me (or as much as I can squeeze into my suitcase) to share with you.I limit my clothes so I can bring along the knitting! I love having all of the projects from the book to share.

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I will continue to update my schedule as the months go by.

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