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Sandara park dating jaejoong

She doesn’t want her relationship issues to be made public for discussions.However, there are rumors going about that Park recently had something to do with G-Dragon.“The fact that you buy her cd’s doesn’t mean you own her some said’” Some has welcomed her current engagement rumor and waiting patiently for the day to come.*Abt Ur Luv (ABS-CBN, 2006) *Crazy for You (ABS-CBN, 2006) *SCQ Reload: Kilig Ako!Sandara Park(Dara) is an actress, model, dancer and singer of one the most popular kpop group 2ne1, she was born in Busan, south korea in november 12th of 1984, she as a brother and him is also singer, is called “Thunder”.When she was 10 years old, the Park family moved to the Philippines to start a business trading, in the season when she lived in another country, she made his first debut like actress and she participated in various dramas in Philippine, like “Crazy for you (2006)”, “Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur luv (2006)” and more.We would eat separately.” She then makes everyone laugh when she says, “I asked the members, ‘Are there paparazzi outside? ’ and ‘You’re ridiculous.’”, She was dating with Joseph Bitangcol, a Philippine entertainer on 2009, but they broke up afterwards due to their own reasons.Even the two ended on good terms, both sides saying that there was no awkwardness between each other, despite being broke up the two have have met many times since and still maintain a relationship as good friends.

I thought that I would get photographed if I dated.” She then reveals, “When I dated, the date in the car was the only thing I could do and we couldn’t even dream about eating together.The two are rumored to have been seen shopping for an engagement ring some days ago.Definitely they were looking for one which will fit their status in the entertainment industry.This year 2016, Netizens have uncovered images from Sandara Park‘s ex-boyfriend from many years ago, recently, had resurfaced on the internet.There are rumors that, Park is currently on the verge to tie the knot with her secret boyfriend.

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Nonetheless she has a positive mindset towards marriage.