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Each one should be done against a fresh, valid log-in attempt, as there is usually a nonce preventing us from replaying the same request repeatedly.For repeated attempts, you may benefit from intercepting a single endpoint only in Burp using interception options like this: The SAML standard requires that all messages passed through insecure channels, such as the user’s browser, be signed.The software is essentially presuming that we’ve already checked that a message coming from an insecure channel is signed, when this isn’t the case.The impact of this is the ability to simply remove signatures, and tamper with the response as if they weren’t there.We’ve recently noticed a trend with a lot of New Zealand sites wanting to implement Single Sign-On (SSO) to combat the proliferation of passwords, including many government services.The most prevalent standard for doing this, providing interoperability between many vendors’ frameworks and multiple languages, is SAML 2.0.

Enable Burp’s interception, capture the SAML request, and try these transformations.There are three major ways of sending a message for web SSO, which the standard refers to as “bindings”: The first two of these can have some serious implementation issues.As described previously, SAML responses are generally passed either in the URL like this:or in the body of a POST request like this: Both of these forms can be manipulated by an attacking user as it passes through their browser.The issue here is that in both the HTTP Redirect and HTTP POST bindings, the document from the Id P validating the user’s identity is passed through that user’s browser, and hence may be tampered with in transit.The HTTP Artifact Binding is immune to this particular issue.

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In fact, I could just entirely forge the response, become Emmanuel, and impersonate him.

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