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Rules dating book review

Constantly, after a breakthrough in their feelings, she turns him down seconds later because of crippling self-doubt about whether or not they even have a future together.

She claims it is because Norveshki hates Elves even more than her sisters’ peoples due to their continued war with the elves.

In fact, there was only one sex scene in the entire book—less than even some fantasy novels I have read—and a lot less than I was suspecting I would encounter.

Um, hello, I would be thrilled if my boyfriend were able to shapeshift into a dragon—where are her priorities?

Gwennore is sad because apparently Puff as she thought he was never truly existed.

Not exactly my idea of a whirlwind romance or how you should treat someone whom she thinks of as: Her thoughts and her actions are always two very disconcertingly separate things.

Plus, Gwennore, who is revered for her intelligence and cleverness, takes almost the entire book to figure it out that Silas and her beloved dragon, Puff, are one and the same, something that is painstakingly obvious to readers.

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To avoid a party with her sisters (two of which who are queens), and the undoubted continued racism, she picks flowers with her niece, Princess Eviana, only to witness her getting snatched by a dragon!

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