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If you suspect that they are pretending to be someone they’re not, then you should ask them to send you a picture of themselves.They may just send you another generic photo like the ones in their profile, but if you give a more specific request, then you may be able to prove that they’re scamming you.These characteristics may just make them seem like an extra friendly or desperate person, but chances are, they are just someone trying to trick you.Also, if you have doubts about them, take a close look at their profile.

Sometimes, if you meet someone great online, you can be blinded by how perfect they seem.

They will try to get close with you right away so that they can gain your trust to take advantage of you.

They will shower you with compliments and likely become attached to you far too quickly even if you have never met in person.

However, they will still try to trick you by making up excuses for not being able to send these photos.

They may say that their phone won’t let them take selfies or that they don’t have anything that says the date on it.

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It is important to always figure out whether or not someone is a scammer before it’s too late.

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