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Redating the new testament

This is the fifth installment of my response to Tommy Ice’s article “Answers and Clarifications for Gary De Mar.” You can reference the other four posts here, here, here, and here. 95, the question for De Mar is “What does the hour of testing refer to? There are many scholars who believe that Revelation was written before A.

Tommy brings up the dating issue of when Revelation was written. Here’s how Tommy presents the issue: De Mar believes this time-period refers to “the conflagration leading up to the destruction of A. 70, the tribulation period.” However, his view presupposes that Revelation was written around A. 65, which Mark Hitchcock1 and most scholars throughout church history have demonstrated is impossible.

The failure to “thoroughly search out” would not have preserved us a Herodotus from Antiquity.

Like with the students and teachers of the Talmud, those who accept commentaries appear to -- more often than not -- put the opinions of men ABOVE the Words of GOD. We are all accountable to attempt the greatest accuracy on important issues, and this requires both time and laborious effort. D., Irenaeus, a second-generation hearsay witness from John, writes: “We have learned from none others than from those whom the GOSPEL – the Plan of our Salvation -- has come down to us, which they at one time, did proclaim in public; and at a later period, by the will of GOD, handed down to us, in the Scriptures – to be the ground and pillar of our Faith.

D., Christianity clearly was an organized, developed, and communicating religious system. book was written by a baptized Jew in the First Century A. That Paul wrote to only 7 Churches out of respect and acceptance of Revelation. We are clearly talking about "that one there" or a "he" "it". Notice the text in the Greek directs us to view "the announcement" in regards one who was he who "announced" the Apocalyptic Vision in the sense of being one who was "stimulated into action to proclaim forth or feel the need to tell the truth." For John, the Apocalypse wasn't simply a vision; it was as if part of the Gospel proclamation and ministry of testifying of and about Jesus Christ.

Germany communicates with Egypt and Spain; the Eastern provinces communicate with Libya and Italy. That is, Revelation was written before the deaths of Peter and Paul! The Revelation wasn't some cloud or floating-floaty that haunted Patmos..was a proclamation by he who was at Ephesus until his spirit was no more in his head, as it were -- cf. If this is indeed the intent of the wording, then, according to the Asiatic view, we must accept that the Asiatic elders who knew and succeeded John felt that Revelation was part of the package that included the later Gospel of John (written post Peter and Paul's departure from this life day: June 29, 57 A. We, like our predecessors, may take such a view to task (at the first)..the concept does deserve some consideration.

Epiphanius also tells us in these same two passages (excised here for clarity), that John died above the age of 90. ”, .42)So how old and lacking of vitality is John, when he indeed returned to Asia?

Ragan Ewing in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Theology degree at Dallas Theological Seminary, a bastion of dispensational thinking.

Instead, Tertullian tells us that before being banished from Asia, and thereby indicates, along with the abovementioned quote of Clement of Alexandria, the extreme likelihood of this specific persecution as being the action taken by a local or provincial ruler.

A matter of history being taken literally The word “history” comes from the Greek “historia” -- which means, “To investigate” and “to diligently seek out.” Simple referencing to commentaries, for example, is not a reasonable attempt to research.

Time and effort, which is often relegated to students and others, with the “scholar” behaving more like an editor than a researcher on his own merits. Matthew indeed issued a written Gospel among the Hebrews in their Own dialect while Peter and Paul were preaching in ROME, and laying the FOUNDATIONS of the CHURCH.

Most scholars and laity are deficient in the proper and full reading of Irenaeus. After their departure, Mark, the disciple and interpreter of Peter, did also hand down to us in writing, what had been preached by Peter - – and Luke as well, that companion of Paul, Who had recorded in a book the Gospel preached by him.

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Robinson, no conservative himself, comes to some startling conclusions in his groundbreaking book .

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