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Rainn wilson dating video

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Do kids still have that fascination with angels and demons in pop culture?

Rainn Dietrich Wilson /reɪn ˈdiːtrɪk ˈwɪlsən/ (born January 20, 1966) is an American actor who is well known for his Emmy-nominated role as the egomaniacal Dwight Schrute on the American version of the television comedy The Office.

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, Army of One, Full...[on choosing to play Detective Lt.

Everett Backstrom] Interesting varied parts with lots of different facets and colors and textures don't come along very often for weird-looking, 48-year-old dudes.

His greatest loves in life are writing, being a family man, and entertaining readers with his take on pop culture as it continues to change throughout the years.

It’s pretty obvious where a lot of people know Rainn Wilson from the best but it’s also just as obvious that he’s made a rather impressive showing of himself since The Office and while he hasn’t been the most popular guy in a lot of his movies he’s definitely had a presence.

Maybe it’s something about his face or the way that he kind of immortalized the character of Dwight but it would seem that a lot of people tend to see him as the sarcastic and very irritating character in a lot of stories where he’s featured.

"My online alter-ego is 18 feet tall, and has giant wings like an angel's but also like a demon's".

This is pretty much every emo edgelord from the early 2000's.

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I needed to do it.[on playing the title character, Backstrom] Watching the show is a kind of process. And then you think, 'Oh, wow, he hates himself worse than he hates anyone else. ' It's asking a lot of an audience, but I think it's an interesting journey. But watching a brilliant detective at work, while things are just not working for him, is interesting to me. And it's interesting(2008 - On his career) I think definitely people know me from playing creeps and weirdos, and I'm definitely looking to expand my range.

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