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She still didn’t know much about him, because they never talked about anything personal, but when they landed two or three good jokes in a row there was a kind of exhilaration to it, as if they were dancing.

While she was home over break, they texted nearly non-stop, not only jokes but little updates about their days. “His name is Robert, and I met him at the movie theatre.

At the theatre, he made a joke to the cashier at the concession stand about Red Vines, which fell flat in a way that embarrassed everyone involved, but Margot most of all.

During the movie, he didn’t hold her hand or put his arm around her, so by the time they were back in the parking lot she was pretty sure that he had changed his mind about liking her.

Bila aku cakap pasal 3 ekor kucing aku,dia cakap boleh tak cakap pasal kucing tu lain kali dan dia nak cakap something dekat aku yang sebenarnya dia dah suka dekat aku,aku terdiam dan sebenarnya aku ada perasaan yang sama dengan dia. kiteorang kapel, Dan supaya korang tak muntah,aku nak bagitau yang kiteorang ni Kembar sebenarnya dan ramai cakap macam tu,maknanya jodoh kiteorang panjang. Tak kan sebab aku tak reti nak sweet kan cerita aku ni,tapi untuk readers aku,aku post jugak cerita cinta antara si aku dan si dia.

Selepas apa yang aku lalui dengan ex aku dulu, Allah s.w.t telah temukan aku dengan orang yang betul-betul boleh happykan aku.

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Robert came to pick her up in a muddy white Civic with candy wrappers spilling out of the cup holders.

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