Ox dating best dating site for meeting lonely women

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On the other hand, there is a tendency for them to be lazy, greedy, arrogant and indulging in self-admiration.

Best Match: Rat, Snake, Rooster Avoid: Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, Dog Among the twelve animals in Chinese zodiac, the rooster usually can make an ox's life very colorful.

This can create conflict when attempting to form a romantic relationship with those signs.

The Tiger can learn a lot from the Ox's way of planning and working on new projects, in their career according to the Chinese horoscope and zodiac, and in other aspects of their life.

However, the Snake had better to avoid contacting with the challenging Tiger people who don't appreciate the penetrative eyes of the Snake.

The Ox may appear timid and reluctant to a Tiger's nature at first sight, although the Tiger has the ability to woo and win over any Ox whether for friendship or a romantic relationship simply by unleashing their intelligence and magnetic charm.With a tolerant attitude towards love, they listen to their wives and think their women are always right.Female Snakes, a creature of emotions, value the feeling of being together most.Best Match: Ox, Rooster, Monkey Avoid: Tiger, Pig The best companions for the people born in the year of the Snake are the reliable Ox, the dauntless Rooster and clever Monkey.Because the Ox people usually work uncomplainingly and without thought of personal gains or losses, they could cooperate well with the Snake people.

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Tigers are often not able to be tamed sexually and in life in general (but especially in their sex and career lives), whereas Ox signs are most often dependable and will work on anything they have committed to themselves.