Nikki and kristin dating

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Nikki and kristin dating

While Cavallari also implies that the pair sought therapy following the temporary breakup, we'd wager it's still a painful topic that must spring up now and then.

And in case you were still wondering if more bundles of joy could be in their future, Cavallari later doubled down on her statements, telling The internet is a haven for haters; people constantly feel the need to chime in with their two cents. The frothy, beachside "reality" soap tracked the champagne problems of several privileged teens in Southern California, including Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari, who became household names after the show wrapped.'s target demographic was 17-year-old girls looking to live vicariously through Conrad's blond highlights, but that didn't stop younger kids—like me—from tuning in each week."She opened up our eyes to the other person's perspective and gave us great tools for communication." It's great that Cavallari and Cutler understand that asking a therapist for help is a healthy way to work on their marriage, but we can't help but wonder what these two talk about during their sessions."I had Googled pictures of him, and I was like, 'Eh, you know, whatever.'" Yikes!

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Most people dream about getting engaged by having the love of their life get down on one knee and profess their undying love and devotion.