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When his father destroyed the world she has built to protecther brother, she takes her freedom and brings Maxime and Nicolas.Hairless, makeup like indians, they escape their life to get a new one.Friday April 26 8PM Una Notte Ancora Directed by: Giuseppe Bucci (Gay/Lesbian) Italy The end of a love story between a young boy and a man with many regrets, became the start of an obsession for the last one.So it Goes Directed by: Rebecca Yarsin (New York City Films) An established photographer, Mel, reluctantly starts a relationship with a younger model, Ben.In doing so, he also revisits the bittersweet memories of a relationship he had with a girl his age.As the film progresses, the lines between memory and current reality begin to blur, leaving the boy--as well as the viewer--in a state of intense experiential uncertainty and sorrow.Monday April 22 8PM Fictional Me, Fictional You (Gay/Lesbian) Directed by: Hannah Leshaw A self-conscious man escapes from his loneliness into an elaborate romantic fantasy about his neighbor.

She is happy only when she see Nicolas, her boyfriend, and when she reminds her childhood memories.

On their 36th birthday, the missing link in their trinity lays just around the corner... Just some of the hazards of gay dating in New York City.

Tuesday April 23 8PM It's Only Us Directed by: Michael Pantoja (Gay/Lesbian) Racial profiling. The Tale of Paris Echo Gold Directed by: Deirdre Vertucci (Comedy) A snapshot of one woman's hilarious ride to infamy!

The Velvet Hammer Directed by: Joe Mensch (Drama) A steel worker falls for the girlfriend of a philandering Wall Street banker and enacts a devious scheme to win her over.

Rappin' For Godot Directed by: Stephen Blauweiss (Comedy) The elusive humorists Mikhail Horowitz and Gilles Malkine present the breakthrough play of Samuel Beckett, as it might be performed by a hapless pair of academic rappers.

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Dirty Talk Directed by: Jeff Sumner (Gay/Lesbian) Nathan, a conservative English teacher, tells his best friend Zach about a one-night stand with a hot Latin man who loves to talk dirty in this short comedy.

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