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In 1671, France signed a treaty with a number of tribes to allow trade.

Shortly thereafter, French trader Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Lhut arrived in the area and began trading with the local tribes.

Europeans moving west during the 19th century, drove out most of the Native Americans.

Fort Snelling, built to protect United States territorial interests, brought early settlers to the area.

He helped to arrange a peace agreement between the Dakota and Ojibwa tribes in 1679.Around 5000 BC, people on the shores of Lake Superior (in Minnesota and portions of what is now Michigan, Wisconsin, and Canada) were the first on the continent to begin making metal tools.Pieces of ore with high concentrations of copper were initially pounded into a rough shape, heated to reduce brittleness, pounded again to refine the shape, and reheated.The economy of these tribes was chiefly based on hunter-gatherer activities.Main articles: New France, Canada (New France), Louisiana (New France), French and Indian War, Treaty of Paris (1763), New Spain, Louisiana (New Spain), Province of Quebec (1763–1791), American Revolutionary War, and Treaty of Paris (1783) In the late 1650s, Pierre Esprit Radisson and Médard des Groseilliers were likely the first Europeans to meet Dakota Native Americans while following the southern shore of Lake Superior (which would become northern Wisconsin).

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The stone tools found from this era became smaller and more specialized to use these new food sources.

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