Mike modano dating are dominic purcell and annalynne mccord still dating

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Mike modano dating

There's a 19-year age difference between the couple.Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber was married to Ginny Cha for 13 years, but he was going behind her back to spend time with - among other things - Traci Lynn Johnson for a few years prior to their divorce in 2012.The New York Yankees legend and future Hall of Famer has an extensive dating history that rivals Alex Rodriguez and has been rumored to send his dates packing with a gift basket, which, if true, might be the most gangster thing anyone has ever done.He has since denied the rumor, but most accept it as true anyway.By looking at Johnson, it's hard to fault the man for giving in to infidelity, but that he divorced Cha when she was eight months pregnant might be one of the bigger scumbag moves of all-time.

The ultimate ladies man, it's no surprise that Jeter, who is now 43-years-old, is married to 27-year-old former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Hannah Jeter (nee. In fact, Jeter could have married a 19-year-old and nobody would have blinked an eye.

The couple split up in 2012 and the following year Modano married Allison Micheletti, the daughter of former NHLer Joe Micheletti.

Allison is a former professional golfer who happens to be just as hot as Ford and even younger.

Barber, a second round pick by the Giants in 1997, married Cha following the 1999 season.

He played in the league until 2006 and the couple appeared to enjoy six more years of a happy marriage, but it was anything but.

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She made no mention of any sexual acts between the two, but noted Dwight referred to her as his princess and that he broke her heart.