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In post #1, I looked briefly at Mc Afee MOVE and what needed to be done to setup the environment in regards to VMware Tools setup and the Update Master Repository task on the EPO server.In this post, I’ll walk through the creation of the task to update the DAT files on the Mc Afee SVAs to ensure the VMs are fully protected with the latest virus definitions. In the EPO GUI, you can check the date of the installed DAT file by clicking System Tree | SVA Folder and then double-click a given SVA.I have uninstalled VSE 7.1 and reinstalled via the epolicy console however using the task to update the DATs and SDATs doesnt appear to work.Has anyone encountered this and how was it resolved.Read all the way through to the end of the task (i.e., Scheduler: Task [DAT Update-WS] is finished) and it will tell you where the update task failed.BTW, the log is also published from the local machine on port 8081, so you can view it remotely in HTML without browsing to the machine.

That version had a bug and you'll end up cleaning up the agent install by hand--update to CMA instead.

My suspicion is that every update that occurs ends with an "unable to locate valid repository." In that case, it may be a corrupted Sitelist.xml, invalid machine authentication to the Domain the repository is located in, or just a snakey management agent.

In the case of a bad agent, a force reinstall should resolve the problem.

(They are all patched with fix 13 again applied via the epolicy console) The contents of the agent activity log will tell you why updates are failing.

It generally lives at \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Mc Afee (or Netrowk Associates)\Common Framework\DB\Agent_(machine name)

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13 September 2007 Info Management Enforcing Policies for VIRUSCAN7100 13 September 2007 Info Management Enforcing Policies for EPOAGENT3000META 13 September 2007 Info Management Enforcing Policies for EPOAGENT3000 13 September 2007 Info Management Enforcing Policies for e Policy Orchestrator Agent 13 September 2007 Info Scheduler Added a new task Deployment to Scheduler's task list 13 September 2007 Info Agent Agent finished Enforcing policies 13 September 2007 Info Agent Next policy enforcement in 15 minutes 13 September 2007 Info Scheduler Scheduler: Invoking task [Deployment]...

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