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I did not like this as it was the first time away from my parents other than with relatives......... Then Karen baby sits for Jaimey, then Jaimey baby sits for twins. Although I’m 21 I enjoy being a little girl and being treated like a little girl. Katies new Life Katie was conscious of her baby pants peeking out from under her sundress as she was pushe.

Babysitter Series This is a three part series that has to do with babysitters and some of the stuff that happens while they are babysitting. It has a lot of interesting things in it for adult babies, diaper lovers, and pants wetters and poopers. Diapered At Night I got home from work and had just finished off a 20oz coke. around town in the pushchair - she continually tried to pull her sundress down to cover them. Keeping It Under Wraps Sara strained to finish her last set of lat pull downs, cheating a bit as she let her body lift slightly off the bench.

Most of the time it was in front of the whole class with our pants up, but I was also taken into the cloak room as it was called, and given a . Both of my parents worked full time jobs, so they had to get a babysitter for me and my little brother. The Start STORY: It was a costume party that started it all. The Store As I pulled into the driveway late that Friday afternoon I thought about how hectic my week hadbeen. Looking around, the room got bright then dark again as lightening flashed outside. Another loud clasp of thunder jolted me up, a few....

I/we got paddled for minor infraction almost daily. One of those nights we came home with a slew of people, drank into the morning, and finally went to bed dispering around the floor. Responding quickly to his command I jumped up from the couch and walked down the hall. The Start Of My Diaper Wearing Well my love of diapers started when I was 6 yrs old. I pack a diaper bag complete with diapersand baby bottles filled with her fav....

Kelly and I just looked at each other with an expression of uncertainty on our faces. It was the same school I used to go to, but I was still worried about being picked on.

Kelly was worried too, entering the first grade in her new school wearing diapers. Kathy Kathy was my daughters behavior therapist at school. One day while dropping my daughter off at school I saw Kathy. Kathys Vacation Kathy sat her in comfy recliner, her short robe open slightly revealing her state of undress.

The Survivors I wanted to share a real story with you that has only just happened a couple weeks ago.

I have been having problems with pains in the right side of my head. The Tales of Sybrina' Beep-Beep-Beep,' the alarm clock was sounding waking me up for school.

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It was in the morning and the sun was beaming through my window. Try using our Google Search Box which will scan 1000's of Diaper Stories and Abdl Stories in seconds for you.