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Sadly in the latino community they’re people that are racist, anti-semitic and colorism but they always use the “I’m latino” I’m not racist excuse.— Tina Hatrið Mun Sigra (@Tina Constantine) March 14, 2019 Just a reminder that the autographed photo is not the only anti-Semitic thing Kat Von D has done!Peppered across her social media channels are comments accusing her of being anti-Semitic and an anti-vaxxer.On Thursday, Kat attempted to address these criticisms in an 11-minute video, which explains her side of the story.Their love is so strong that Leafar has said, “Death is in bloom & so is my love for her.” Take a journey through their perfectly goth relationship below In the honor of Valentines Day here’s a interview I had the delightful pleasure of doing for Ashley at @katvondunlimited about my hearts safekeep and fiancé @thekatvond the link is in @katvondunlimited BIO Tlazohcamati A post shared by (@prayers) on Trying to take a nice product shot of this @katvondbeauty Studded Kiss Lipstick, and realized my boyfriends nails are waaaay better than mine… At the end of the night I'm walking home alone. #PRAYERS #ONLYDEATHCANSETMEFREE A post shared by (@prayers) on Good morning ❤️ we are excited to share with you our magick here it is the musick video for #BLACKLEATHER featuring the beautiful @thekatvond thank you @pitchfork for sharing our light with the world.

bones’ wild ride (@lohrann) March 15, 2019 kat von d’s apology video just made me dislike her even more, she didnt address all the nazi “art” her husbands made & started her defense with “im latina” lol just bc ur a racial minority doesn’t mean ur not anti-semitic, & she basically said shes still anti-vax lmao what a joke — natalie (@natippo15) March 14, 2019 I thought most of the nazi accusation to Kat Von D came from her dating openly anti semetic guys, but she didn't address it and talked about was a photo back in the days of Miami ink.She's said she's not antivaxx but she's still not saying she's vaccinating her beautiful baby???— Lydia ❄️ (@Along Came Lydia) March 15, 2019 Kat Von D really said she's not anti-Semitic because she's Latina Like, no one thinks you're racist cos you're half white and white-passing.On Wednesday, the pair announced they had married through a set of Instagram posts.Though we couldn’t definitively pinpoint when the two began to date, rumors of their relationship span back to at least 2015.

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It’s seating on a lotus flowers and it represents; the 4 seasons; winter, spring, summer, fall. Also peace, auspiciousness, and good luck.” Some people have also taken issue with the fact that Kat Von D seemingly tried to invoke her Latinidad to prove she couldn’t be anti-Semitic.

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