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The dolls are not robotic and weigh about 70 pounds. Zach, the male doll, stands about 5-foot-9, whereas Chanel, the Latino doll, is about 5-foot-5.

All seven dolls, along with clothing and cases, cost Dickson about ,000.

As for what to expect in terms of business, Dickson said she has been keeping an eye on a similar venture in Vancouver — Bella Dolls, which opened at the beginning of November and is constantly booked.

“I’m not afraid of not being busy, I’m afraid of being too busy, but we’re in a small town, so who knows what it will be like,” said Dickson, noting she believes there will be interest.

Her owners will be by in the morning, with her case, to pick her up.

Chanel is a sex doll — one of seven anatomically correct, TPE-silicone based dolls available to rent from House of Dolls, a new business launched by Aberdeen resident Kristen Dickson.

In the inventory with Chanel are dolls of various ethnicities and names — Aika, Marriah, Sadie, Catanna, Portia and Zach, who is the lone male doll of the group.

She told KTW Interior Health informed her it has no regulations for cleaning the dolls, but she noted her business will use its own in-depth cleaning procedures that includes antibacterial soap, a blacklight and a camera that can be inserted into the sexual organs to check for any foreign objects.

“I have all these special irrigators that can go into every crack and crevasse to rinse everything out,” she said, noting the cleaning process takes about two hours.

The dolls retail on Sex Doll Canada for about ,500 each and come with a range of customizable features from the manufacturer, such as large or small breasts and buttocks, optional teeth and shoulders that can shrug.

There’s even the option of purchasing ones that have the ability to stand on their own — a feature Dickson didn’t bother with for most of the dolls.

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They also have realistic genitalia, which, as Dickson attested, feels real.