His size was intimidating

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Let alone the dominance he had when he was combined with Typhoon. For a man who kayfably made Hulk Hogan bleed eternally with three consecutive sitting splashes, I think that alone is quality to make this list.

He could beat you down with his words or with his body.

01 - Andre "The Giant"I appologize if pictures are not correct. Another strange creation from the mind of Mick Foley. Socko Mankind might be a lot higher up this list, but once The Rock and Sock connection happened and the deranged monster became a fan favorite, his intimidation stock dropped exponentially.

He is Big Daddy Cool and he has intimidated many men on the WWE roster. If he had more of a lasting legacy and could do more inside the wrestling ring Diesel could easily be top 20.

All Superstars have been judged on their Size (Height and Weight), Wrestling Ability (What they can do inside of a wrestling ring), Nickname/Gimmick (How intimidating their nickname or gimmick was), Legacy (Championships and Lasting legacy), and Physique (Strength and Overall look).

There have been some changes so here is the original Top 50, you can compare and contrast the Superstars and let me know if you think the list has improved or become worse.

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Not only was he intimidating as Bradshaw, during his time in the APA and the Acolytes, but he was intimidating that he is the longest running Champion in the WWE era of the company.