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What kind of person are you, when someone asks you a Google-able question?

Do you Google it and then tell them the answer or do you politely point out that Google exists? Is there a question you wish a journo would ask but never has? Well, ah, interesting, number three, what were your parents like, how did you grow up?

Before returning to their myriad homelands, the future quintet members began hashing out plans to meet up again and put some of the music they had been working on to tape, resulting in whirlwind trips to Rabin's Los Angeles studio, where the five friends decided to make their relationship official.

Grouplove's eponymous debut EP was released by Canvasback in 2010.

Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi, two of its founding members, had a child together.

They wrote and wrote and wrote, and after collaborating with an outside producer for the first time, released (Canvasback Music/Atlantic Records), their third album, last month.

They returned with their second full-length album, Spreading Rumours, in 2013.With this one, you guys have kind of gone in a bit of a new direction with your sound for a single, though it is getting vastly positive reviews. We were there the night before, so we left at like 3 that morning, which is fucking insane. But like, we think about it all the time because these arenas have bomb dogs coming in all the rooms every day and security is super tight. You happen to see him leave the toilet without washing his hands before preparing your food. Some to a weird level if you read You Tube comments. It really is but no one can stop music from being written and performed. I wanted to get in on the Grouplove action and was lucky enough to chat to .. I recently went on a road trip with a friend who was moving from New York to Colorado, and I told her about this new band called Grouplove, that I was interviewing and getting into for the first time. You guys have definitely been on a whirlwind, it seems like, the last several years. Is the music you guys were making in Greece what ended up on your first record, or will we ever see some rare Crete demos? Why not make it a career, and turn it into something. Then after three years of touring and being inseparable, we went into the Hollywood Hills and immediately started recording the album Spreading Rumours.

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