Fuck chat pk

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Fuck chat pk

These five words are generally offensive and give rise to a variety of euphemisms and minced oaths.Similar to the seven dirty words in the United States, these five words are forbidden to say and are bleep-censored on Hong Kong broadcast television.The written form can be seen on graffiti in Hong Kong and in Guangdong.In Southeast Asia, the meaning of the phrase has evolved so that it is no longer a profanity, and is usually taken to mean "broke/bankrupt" or "epic fail".In Taiwan, it is commonly used to refer to planking.The term is even used in a colloquial sense by Malaysian Malays, in which case it is usually rendered as "pokai".Other curse phrases, such as puk gai ( ; Jyutping: diu2), literally meaning fuck, is a common but grossly vulgar profanity in Cantonese. As a result, crabs are sometimes intentionally linked with other words such as stinking and water to achieve some vagina-related humorous effects.

The phrase can also be used in daily life under a variety of situations to express annoyance, disgrace or other emotions.

Ham6 gaa1 caan2 ( caan2 means to bulldozed, which possibly relates to a funeral and ultimately to the meaning of death.

Like puk6 gaai1, the phrase can both be used to mean "prick" or to express annoyance, but many find ham gaa caan much more offensive than puk gaai, since the phrase targets the listener's whole family instead of just himself.

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