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Ford vcm updating

But "good" clones may have other problems (for example, USB adapters cannot work faster than on 38400 bps, CAN bus errors etc).

has anyone had issues with the VCM2 not being recognized by IDS ?

it will be used on 2009 and newer trucks and suv,s. as in , when the IDS software was first downloaded,and registered, the next step was to configure the VCM2 with IDS, and it will not do so. The arrow icon in the top right corner should be there even if a VCM2 has never been used.

Sometimes it takes up 3 minutes for the IDS to recognize the VCM2 and load it.

NOTE: Following module installation, some hardware, or equivalent scan modules require a separate learning procedure be tool carried out.

For adaptive learning and calibration instructions, refer to the specific module removal and Installation procedures.

The problem is that service protocols are more complex than regular OBDII ones and this is why it is physically impossible to make FORScan work using these devices.

We recommend to obtain either original white-label adapters listed above (Scantool OBDLink, ELS27), or look for ELM327 marked as "Ford Mazda FORScan" etc compatible - these are usually "good" clones equipped with HS/MS CAN switch.

I did some research but a lot of the updating links are for older systems.

If this does not work then try hooking the VCM2 to a vehicle while plugged into the IDS and cycle the key on and give it a few minutes. If it gets to this point then there had to have been a glitch when the IDS software was loading. finally removed software, did IDS cleanup, reloaded software and version82.02b. when the VCM 2 is plugged into the computer, should only the power light be on ? The problem is the connection icon not appearing in the upper right corner (see screenshot below).

it seems like the driver is missing ,or something like that. The power light should be on and the computer symbol should blink as data flows to the computer, the same with vehicle symbol as data flows from the vehicle to the VCM. To me it seems that it has to be a software issue with the IDS software you purchased.

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Ford VCM 2 software V100.01 OEM Diagnostic tool support VMM and CFR function, provide dealer-level diagnosis, key programming, ecu programming and PCM programming and airbag resetting for Ford cars till year 2014 via OBD2 port.

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please tell me someone has the fix hidden somewhere for this i dont want to have to uninstall and reinstall again just to be bale to flash again and yes i did set date back to 09 where it worked fine. what are you changing in these files that makes this possable.

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