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Explore the map here ▶️ Jg Z JH2Gofcw For #WD2019, former UN high level panel member @Akaliza Keza discussed the power of women-led innovation for the health and wellbeing for women girls, and the need for more diversity in tech development 👩‍🔧 #Womens Equality Day In K This #Womens Equality Day, we're looking back at some of our highlights from @Women Deliver 2019, where activists, advocates and decision makers convened to bring an international focus on gender equality #WD2019 👩‍🔧 O9bz8 To address the health needs of young people we have to acknowledge the benefits of involving their voices in decisions that affect the future.

We are committed to combating their health concerns through meaningful participation.

We must create a global governance framework to ensure that health data becomes a global public good. ZA6h Inspired to have worked with @tanishachadha to bring a youth perspective to this report…

@GRSPartnership are celebrating 20 years of delivering road safety interventions around the world.

Watch to learn more 📽️ Mental health tops health concerns among 1500 young people surveyed.

It would seem especially important not to conflate data volume with data quality #AI #globalhealth…Have you seen results of the #Tech4Health survey yet?Read the main takeaways here ▶️ MXmh MNw Du0H4 The UK government's new program will use #AI #Health Data to improve preventive care.A new report from @Fondation Botnar @PATHtweets @PMNCH @Women Deliver @devex explores young people's health concerns & role tech can play in addressing their needs #UHC2030 #HLMUHC Wa "Meaningful engagement requires reciprocal responsibility.It's unrealistic to expect delivery of youth-led interventions until world leaders acknowledge their role in flipping the script".

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