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Familitchi dating

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Feeding your characters to many snacks can make them sick ( we will talk about medicine later ). you can have a "smart" family , an "easy-going" family , or a " cheerful " family , depending on how you trained them ( training after this )After that on the next page , it will show what generation you are on , how much "points" you have , and your family name. Showing what character , and what role it plays in the family daughter , mom , son , etc Training is way different in the Familitchi. Your Tamas will make a little " jungle tune " and call for TRAINING. The first one is Smart , the second one is Cheerful , and the last one is easy going. To change the time or Date , push a combination of C and A when it is on the time/date screen When the cups are facing up use the buttons to pour the tea.

When you start your v5 up , you already have fried rice and bread in meals , and a lolly pop and donut in snacks. When they do this , a question mark will be displayed over their heads. A pours tea into the left cup and B pours it into the right cup. If you pour it at the wrong time or in the wrong cup , then you loose.

So Shelltchi kisses Korokotchi and Ichigotchi and then Korokotchi and Ichigotchi kisses Shelltchi. When they are done kissing, the heart over their head gets bigger and bigger.

For those who don't know how to do this , i will explain the buttons, etc. The two oldest will always be a boy or a girl who will grow up to be in the same group when they evolve into adults. Examples are : the ginger bread church , the fried egg and the mushroom. Depending on how much bonds you have , the C button animation changes. Every 20% the animation will change.60%-70%- The middle one will kiss the two on the side and the two on the side will kiss the middle one. then all three hearts will join together and become one big heart ( personally one of my favorites )Under that it will say blendid family ( if ur on your first gen ). On the next 3 pages your characters will be shown individually. Just push B when none of the icons are highlighted.

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