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The reason we checked in when we did was because of the taxi driver." Did you notice the sign at the orphanage? In our clue it said 'turn in all your rupiah from the dancing challenge' and when we got to the challenge it wasn't underlined or marked in red like you guys saw or marked with any race flags, so it was just like any other sign.I figured it said 'turn in all the money you raised and any additional money'. In the clue it didn't say anything about your converted money. We figured if we had gotten it wrong we wouldn't have gotten a clue like in all other race challenges." How did you feel about whole leg coming down to that sign, especially in a double elimination leg?When we showed up there, we didn't bring it up or brag about it. I thought it would be a bigger deal but it didn't seem it was.We waited for other teams to bring it up and when they did, we were completely open and honest about it. Bottom line is, when you're out there everybody is pretty much the same and you're racing around the world." Did being on the race strengthen your relationship in any way?Jenna: "We actually wrote down what was on the clue and put it in the bottom of our bag.

The teams that got it wrong aren't stupid teams."Ethan: "Eight out of the eleven teams got the clue wrong so it was obviously very tricky." Did you think had chance of catching Amani and Marcus?Jenna: "I don't know if we can necessarily say that.One, we weren't on very long, and two, we've been through so much anyway, so I think in the scheme of fighting for your life the race can't really compare to that." Would you do the race again?Jenna: "Yes, we were on their heels."Ethan: "Maybe five or seven minutes behind."Jenna: "We ran the entire time in Indonesia because we were always at such a disadvantage because our cab driver was so lost we were always behind. ' Everybody had questions about it so to our faces nobody seemed to think it was a big deal, but why would they?We ran full speed, backpacks on, 110-degree weather." : Meet the new teams - pictures Did you sense any jealousy from the other teams because you were returning reality stars who had already won money in the past? They actually had a lot of questions like 'what did you do? That was all good stuff to talk about behind our backs! Ethan: "Initially we thought it would play out and be a big deal and we wouldn't tell anyone.

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Morasca, 32, was also the winner of Survivor: The Amazon.