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As the census records were tied to taxation, the people living in Roman-controlled Egypt seem to have put off recording them."We don't want to pay our taxes until the last moment, so let's not do it, let's put off filing that document until we have to," said Williams, speculating on why they would have put off recording births.

For the ancient Egyptians living under Roman rule, it seems sex, birth, death and taxes were all linked together.

[The History & Future of Birth Control: 10 Contraceptives]"If you have this much of a tightly patterned conception, there has to be some form of contraception that was taking place," Williams said, noting that ancient Egyptian medical texts tell of several methods that they believed acted to prevent pregnancy.

CAIRO — A well produced viral video starring several young Egyptians has been making the rounds recently on social media sites, sparking heated discussions around issues beyond the well known problem of sexual harassment of women in the streets and on public transport.

It talks about sex — specifically the cause and effect of sexual repression in Egypt as perceived by the creators of the satirical video, and a number of people sharing the video enthusiastically on Facebook.

The excellent preservation let researchers date the age of the remains at death.

The researchers could also pinpoint month of death, as the graves were oriented toward the rising sun, something that changes predictably throughout the year.

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