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Destruction of the topsoil prevented determining whether the trace disrupts the ground surface.However, observations conducted at the site before the opening of the trenches failed to detect any topographic discontinuity C dating indicates that sedimentation has been fairly uniform over the past 5–7 centuries throughout the floodplain, at a rate of 2–4 mm/y (Additional information, Table S1-2).

The lake record indicates that, over the past 12 centuries, 10 earthquakes reaching ground-shaking intensities ≥ VI generated seismo-turbidites in the lake.1) accommodate under the current interseismic cycle roughly 3/4 and 1/4 of the ~2 cm/y left-lateral motion between the North American and Caribbean plates.No other major earthquake can be ascribed with certainty to any of the faults of this plate boundary in Guatemala, in the absence of direct geologic evidence.The distribution of earthquake-induced damages in Classic Maya cities however suggests that another major earthquake occurred around 830 CE on the Motagua fault (Fig. The spatial spread of reported earthquake-related destructions after the Spanish colonization does not evidence any other major earthquake on the Motagua fault; however the reports suggest the possibility of three major earthquakes in 1538, 1785, and 1816 CE on the Polochic fault.It has been stressed that the collective inventory of earthquakes along the Polochic and Motagua faults over the last millennium seems insufficient to accommodate the total left-lateral motion accumulated across the plate boundary over the period, suggesting a deficit of major seismic events.

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We interpret this as an episode of aseismic or low-intensity seismic creep.

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