Dating websites china

Posted by / 20-Mar-2020 16:34

Dating websites china

Amongst other functions, they allow users to explore potential love interests based on one’s location.

Innocent flirting aside, many users are seriously looking to get settled.

According to the Chinese Association of Marriages and Relationships, the best age for women to get married is 25 in a man’s perspective.

A survey by dating site Zhenai revealed that 50% of men already think a woman is ‘leftover’ when she is still single at that age.

They even offer the option for third-party agencies to confirm their with a mass wedding of thirty couples.

Throughout the years, Baihe has brought together thousands of people.

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Some public parks, such as the Shanghai People’s Park, even have a ‘blind dating corner’, where parents walk around with a picture of their child and a handwritten paper with what requirements a potential partner should meet. This way, their parents can stop worrying, and they will not have to go through the process of being asked nagging questions.