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The gender breakdown offers some good news for women on the site: 64.7% of Woo Plus users are men and 32.6% are women.Single women have a bit of an edge here and can have their pick of single guys.I’ve seen them squeeze into body-shaping corsets or slimming dresses before going on a date.I remember one night as we were trying on outfits, my roommate grabbed a fistful of skin on her stomach and said disgustedly, “No one’s going to be attracted to this.” But that’s not true.Her weight made her target for rude comments on mainstream dating sites, and she had difficulty finding men to build her up instead of tearing her down.

His curiosity, intellect, and geeky spirit inspire the team to push the boundaries of what a dating app can do.

Now millions of curvy singles have come out of the shadows to join Woo Plus. The app reached the milestone of 2 million users and now maintains a vast, global network of singles with a little more to love.

“As the largest dating app for curvy people, this number is still growing rapidly each day, Penny said.

Plenty of men out there are looking for curvy women and see those extra pounds as an attractive plus.

Though some singles in the dating scene may feel pressured to slim down, the truth is beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

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“From that inspiration, Neil started to build a team and create this app for curvy people,” said Penny Jones, a spokesperson for the app.